Well friends, it is with a mix of both sadness & some relief that we have decided to shut Blooms down.

2020 was a bitch!! Just no way around it. Between the pandemic and a couple of personal tragedies that whisper of a wind left in our sails went flat!! 


My mom (90) fell and injured herself pretty badly so we brought her back to NC with us and she will require a lot of hands on care.

With the uncertainty for the months ahead our energy to keep Blooms afloat and relevant is just not there. So, after much prayer and contemplation we just felt that the best thing to do was to close down. 


The sadness is real, we’ve loved being a part of this community. We’ve loved bringing Birdie out to our favorite coffee shops, breweries, markets and events. We loved encouraging you to dig in the dirt and fill your homes with plants and flowers. We have been honored and humbled to create beautiful bouquets for lovely brides to carry down the aisle. We were thrilled to purchase so many locally grown flowers and be able to support a few wonderful local farmers. The biggest highlight has been meeting so many of you and sharing our botanical passion. 


The relief comes from knowing that because we’ve never wanted to do anything half assed, closing down is truly the only option at this time. We’ve had lots of time to evaluate and really sit in our decision. Running an online biz in today’s day and age requires lots of social media presence. It has always been the least favorite part of the job. I understand it’s value but I’m of a generation who did much of life without  social media and I know for sure that I much prefer life that way. Yes, it has value but yikes, it comes with so many negative affects. I worry deeply about where it will lead us and what impact it will have on us and more importantly future generations. Taking a break from it during this hard season and watching my screen time totals reduce drastically has been the silver lining.


We truly have loved meeting each and everyone of you along the way. From the start of this we felt like God called us to Asheville to love on people thru flowers. While we may not love the ending of this chapter, we talk often about the creator of our story and so we walk thru it with hope and longing to know what He writes next for us because we know it will be a beautiful  part of his perfect plan.


We are so very, very, thankful for your love and support over the past 3 years. We pray the year ahead brings you tons of joy and hugs!!


We wish you peace, love and flowers!