Get to know us!

While many of our friends were planning their retirement, Duncan and I moved to Asheville (where our hearts have been for the past decade) to start a flower biz. Different? Yes, but we've always kind of marched to the beat of our own drummer. We often joke that you need 2 things to retire, age and money and we're half way there 😜

Duncan has spent the last 30+ years in the medical field (orthopaedics) caring for people and fixing broken bones. I have dabbled in several fields spending the past five years helping a dear friend fulfill her dream to own a cookie biz (best cookies on the planet by the way). But my #1, most important gig has been raising our son, Mac (now 24 serving in the Army at Ft Bragg).


Duncan and I owned and operated a bicycle store in Jacksonville, FL. We thoroughly enjoyed working together and being part of the beach community. Bikes were Dunc’s passion at the time and while I enjoyed the biz too, across the street there was a little store that sold beautiful botanicals for the home and garden. I fell in love with that store and a dream to one day work with flowers, plants and pretty things was sown. 

We have both always enjoyed getting our hands dirty in the garden and I have been forever rearranging store bought bouquets. So, when the plan to move to our beloved mountains began to really take shape, a flower business was where we landed. We knew we wanted to work together doing something we really enjoyed and once again, immerse ourselves in the community. So, flowers! We love them.  We believe we were created in and for the garden. The pleasure flowers bring to everyone from the farmer who plants the seed - to the recipient of a single bloom (or extravagant bouquet) is joyous. We want to be a part of that joy!! We want to get more flowers into the hearts and hands of more people. The Asheville area is home to some amazing flower farmers growing beautiful blooms, but the delivery options are still limited and expensive  We want to provide an affordable, fun option to the floral industry with our "on tap" daily blooms delivery service. We believe there is no sweeter love language than flowers and that we should all be able to enjoy daily (or at least frequent) Blooms in our life. 
We also have a strong desire to work along side a few organizations in the area who we really believe in and think are doing amazing things to help others. Check out the Hope Blooms page to see what we have in mind.