You may be wondering....?

We know this bouquet-of-the-day concept is a bit different than a regular florist, so we've tried to anticipate most of your questions below. If we missed any of your concerns, please let us know. At Blooms on Tap, 100% satisfaction is our goal cause we want you to come back again and again.  So, if there is anything further we can do to get our pretty posies into your hands (or gift recipient's hands) please don't hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Do I get to pick my flowers?

The reason we are able to deliver our flowers for such a reasonable price is because we do not keep an inventory of flowers on hand. We shop daily for the freshest and most lovely blooms, then craft a special arrangement and sell what we have on hand. Each day we change our bouquet so we're sure we'll include your favorites at some point.

Why don't the flowers come in a vase?

For a couple of reasons really. No vase means your dollars are being spent on more flowers. We're pretty sure you've got something around your house that will work great for your bouquet and we certainly don't want to add any clutter to your home. Your blooms will be delivered in a sweet little (beer) can to provide a drink of water during transit. We think the can makes a cute vase but you can certainly change it to one of your favorites at home.

Is it true that you sometimes include a succulent?

Yup, sometimes we sure do!! We're as crazy about cactus as we are about flowers. We love the thought of giving you something that will last long after the flowers are gone. Once you've enjoyed the succulent in the bouquet, simply transplant it to a pot and watch it grow.

When and where do you deliver?

We deliver Mon-Fri (except holidays). Orders must be received by noon for same day delivery. Keep in mind once the day's flowers are sold we will not take anymore orders so be sure to place your order early. Deliveries will be made by 6pm.
We guarantee same day delivery to the Asheville area in zip codes: 28801, 28802, 28803, 28804, 28805, 28806, 28787, 28754, 28753 & 28709.

We will attempt same day in these zip codes but can guarantee next day delivery: 28701, 28704, 28732, 28730,28715

Can I order a larger arrangement?

Oh, that would make our day! Our bouquets come in 3 sizes; Bitty Bloom $30, Biggie Bloom $45 Bomb Diggity Bloom $60. All sizes are quite lovely but a Biggie or Bomb Diggity will certainly wow the socks off of anyone!

What about a card, can I add one?

By all means, yes! We'd be happy to hand write a little message and include it with your flowers at no extra charge. Just include what you'd like to say when you place your order - there's a place for it on the order page.

What if no one is home?

We always prefer to hand our bouquet directly to someone, but if we can't don't worry. We will place the bouquet in a safe, shady spot near the door. 

Will you deliver to a business?

Most definitely! Cheering up a person at their desk is always a hoot for us. Be sure to give us lots of delivery info (i.e..Name of biz, address, floor, office number, who to leave it with, etc)

How do I care for my Blooms?

So glad you asked cause with the proper care they can last a LONG time.

Leave in the can or place in your favorite vase or vessel. Add clean, cold water making  sure there are no leaves below the water line. 

Position them in a favorite, cool, location away from heat or direct sunlight and admire them often.

Change the water every or every other day.

Trim stems slightly (1/8”) every 4th or 5th day (this allows your stems to drink more water and stay fresh longer).

Remove any blooms that start to fade but continue to enjoy the remainder of the bouquet (especially the foliage) for quite a long time.

Take a pic, post it and tag @bloomsontap, #bloomsontap cause we love to see where our blooms end up.

What should I do with the adorable succulent (if included)?

First, receive it as the sweet, little, extra, gift we intended it to be.


Remove the floral wire and plant it in a favorite little pot (we suggest using a potting mix made specifically for cactus and succulents). 

Place in a bright spot in your home. Water way less than other house plants, maybe every 2 weeks in the winter and 7-10 days in the summer. Over watering is the number 1 killer of succs and cactus - don't be a killer!

Enjoy it, talk to it, sing to it, dance for it. Succs enojy dancing. I think we just made that up 😜

Take a pic, post it and tag @bloomsontap, #bloomsontap casue we love to see where the little guy ends up.