Is it weird to name our plants?


Weird - we think it should be a requirement. And, think about it, even if it does the plant no good, you’ll enjoy calling him/her by name.


What are the best indoor plants to buy?


So many options really but it all depends on your light source. Snakes, pothos, rubber plants are all pretty good choices and will work in many areas of a home.


What safety precautions can we take with pets if we want a monstera?


Get rid of the pet - JK of course - we’re big animals nuts around here. For dogs it’s fairy easy, you can raise them up off the ground unless you have a 300lb brut (then we’re talking way up). Cats are a bit trickier cause there’s not really too much area off limits to them. You could try adding a piece of citrus to the pot - most animals don’t care for the smell/taste of citrus - might keep them away. 


How much sun do succulents need to thrive? do they do better indoor or out?

Are succulents really as easy to take care of as people say? 

So you know the saying; if it sounds too good to be true it probably is?? Well, this is where I think succulents have landed. I think we all wanted this do nothing, super easy plant and since some succulents require less care than other plants we just went ahead and thru them all in together. Do they require less water than tropical house plants? Yes, but then they need quite a bit of light. And, like any group of plants, there are many different varieties of those succers and they have different needs. We might need to have separate convo on these guys.


My porch is really shady, what plants would you suggest?


Talk to me about good indoor plants?


Should we meet for coffee or wine to talk plants cause I’m all about a good plant convo. Again, good is relative. your living room might be way different than mine (hope yours is cleaner cause mines a wreck right this minute). Seriously, lightening is key with every aspect of plants.


How do you not kill a string of pearls or bananas?


How do i know if the plants need to be repotted? it tells you 😜.I’m a bit sarcastic if you hadn’t noticed. But really, it does kind of tell you. Any roots sticking out of the bottom or up thru the top? Is the proportion to the pot totally our of whack? Has your plant stopped growing in spring-fall (the normal growing season)?


tips to save plant from over watering? Water less (sorry, the wise ass in me couldn’t resist). Overwatering is probably the most common problem. I guess we get thirty a lot and reach for our favorite beverage often (hey no judgement here) so we think our plants want the same. 


what are the best plants to start out with?


what plants are poisonous to animals?


how often should you water a fiddle leaf fig?


why are my leaves yellow?


why are my leaves brown?


can i propagate any plant?


how often should i fertilize my plant?


how often do you water a new jade plant? and how long after planting do you wait to water?


which type of propagation is better, water or soil?


are there good plants for a bathroom that doesn’ have light? fake :)


my usually happy neon pathos suddenly has several yellow leaves. Light? Water? Fungus?


my hydrangeas are huge, green and healthy every year but have Never bloomed., why?


how do you keep ferns alive? they are hanging ones primarily in the shade.


can their be a workshop on best way to repot plants to prevent root rot, best soil, drainage, etc.


Wait, let me see if I got this right. You want to meet somewhere, maybe grab a yummy beverage (im adding that part - hey it’s my website, I can improvise) talk all about plants. Maybe get our hands dirty and repot something? Is tomorrow good for you?