Gorgeous holiday Christmas Blues everlasting wreath done in neutrals so you can enjoy all year long! Each one is uniquely created using a similar color pallette of beautiful dried flowers, pods, grasses and other goodies.


Dimensions:The BiggieWreath base: 14”With foliage: 20”

Bomb DiggityWreath base: 18”With foliage: 24”


The biggie size is available for shipping, delivery or pick up in Weaverville. The Bomb Diggity is available for pick up or delivery in and around Asheville. You will see a shipping option drop down menu under the subtotal at checkout. Please be sure to pick the correct option.

Christmas Blues Wreath

  • Your new, beautiful everlasting wreath can last, well, maybe not forever but for a very long time with just a bit of simple care. We use lots of pods and branches and grasses because not only do we love the look, they also last longer than more delicate dried flowers with lots of petals.


    They’re best if kept inside out of direct sunlight. They don’t care for moisture or to be kept directly under a heat vent. You can dust them lightly with a feather or soft duster or you can give them blow dry on the cool, low setting.


    Your wreath can be used outside but you’ll need to consider it more seasonal than everlasting if you do.